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2016 South East Bid Application Form 2016.pdf 2016_SE_RegionalChampionshipsGuidelines.pdf 2016-17 Calendar 5.pdf Page 9

“Following a vote by the South East Region Committee, I am very pleased to offer an exciting and significant opportunity for region clubs.

For this year, as a pilot project, we will offer region clubs the opportunity to fund raise for their own clubs, the region as whole and to also play an essential part in developing a strong local circuit of events. The vehicle agreed by the committee is a bid process open to clubs, as well as counties within the region to bid for a license to run the events.

Why does it work for you?

* the system offers organisers more flexibility and freedom

* any profits (after a regional levy, operating costs and - where applicable - BYC entry fees are deducted) go to the organisers.

The closing date for bids are as follows:

South East Region Epee, Foil and Sabre: 21st August, 2016

Age Groups / BYC Epee, Foil and Sabre Qualifying Events: 30th September, 2016

Please find the attached related documents. Should you have any questions, or require any assistance in putting a bid together please contact myself ( or Meg (”

Jamie Miller, July 2016

Bids are welcomes for the Individual  and Team Foil, which has now been postponed until the Summer Term. A new committee was elected in October - this site will be updated soon